Working in Finland – What You Need to Know

Are you considering working in Finland? Here’s some important information to get you started:

  1. Working Permit Requirements:
    • Non-European Union (EU) and non-European Economic Area (EEA) citizens typically require a Finnish working permit to work legally in Finland.
    • EU and EEA citizens, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to work in Finland without a specific working permit.
  2. Industry-Specific Certificates:
    • If you’re planning to work more than 3 months in restaurants in Finland, it is essential to obtain a hygiene passport. This certificate ensures that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain high standards of cleanliness and food safety. Read more about hygiene certificate here: Hygiene passport.
    • For aspiring waiters, chefs, cooks, kitchen workers, etc., an additional certification known as the “Salmella certificate” is required. This certification ensures that you are free from salmonella. Salmonella certificate can be obtained from local health care center.

📝 You can always check with us or the Finnish authorities for the most up-to-date and specific requirements related to your job and circumstances.

Working in Finland can be a rewarding experience, and being well-prepared with the right permits and certifications will help you make the most of your opportunity.

Tax info & ID number

If you’re planning to work in Finland, here are two crucial documents you’ll need to get started:

  1. Finnish ID Number 🆔:
    • A Finnish personal identity code (henkilötunnus) is essential for anyone working in Finland.
    • The ID number is a primary form of identification and is used in various official transactions, including employment, taxation, and opening a bank account.
  2. Finnish Tax Card 💰:
    • The Finnish tax card (verokortti) is necessary to ensure that the correct amount of income tax is withheld from your earnings.
    • To apply for a tax card, you typically need to provide information about your expected income, deductions, and any tax credits you may be eligible for.
    • Keep in mind that the tax rate can vary based on your income level and other factors, so having the right tax card is crucial to avoid tax-related issues. Without tax card, the employer must withdraw 60 % of taxes from your income. Get your tax card before starting to work!

📌 It’s important to complete these steps promptly when you arrive in Finland to ensure a smooth transition into the workforce and to comply with Finnish tax regulations.

Whether you’re a newcomer or considering working in Finland, having your Finnish ID and tax card in order is a fundamental step towards your professional journey