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Whether you are looking to start your career, change jobs, or take the next step in your professional development, we have something for everyone in the hospitality sector. We have several job offers for chefs, waitstaff, receptionists, and housekeepers in different restaurants and hotels in all over Finland. In addition to competitive salaries, many of our job offers come with attractive benefits packages, flexible working arrangements, and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Different candidates have different levels of experience and unique skill sets, and as such, we believe that salary should be reflective of these factors. This is why we are open to negotiating salary based on your specific experience and qualifications. So why wait? If you have an EU Passport and speak English (>B1), then get in touch with us! Start by taking the first step towards a bright and fulfilling career in Finland! Send your CV today!
Position: Applicant
Location: Depends on future offers
Working period: ASAP - 01.03.2030
Salary: 12.00 - 23.00 EUR/h
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact
To apply for job with our company, you have to have a EU passport or permit that has been given out by Finnish authorities!
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